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Music Gear Warehouse: Not only is Music Gear Warehouse the most successful online music gear retailer in the world, Music Gear Warehouse also has a huge range of other products on offer too...Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, DJ Gear/ Lighting, Recording, Live Sound, Hi-Fi/ AV Equip, Books/ Videos, Sheet Music, Strings and more ... Check out Music Gear Warehouse low prices today, and start saving!

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Ampeg BA-210SP Bass Combo Amp with Effects The Ampeg BA-210SP Bass Combo Amp with Effects gives you 16 preset effects from overdrive to funk wah. Its bass synths give you vintage feel with a whole lot of room to mess around with your sound. Footswitch clicks among 4 preset picks. 220 watts of unbridled power, a piezo tweeter, and 2 crankin' 10 drivers with massive magnets bring all that fat tone into the real world. ... M-Audio Radium49 49-Key USB MIDI Controller The M-Audio Radium49 49-Key USB MIDI Controller is a quality keyboard, 16 MIDI-assignable controllers and built-in MIDI interface--and we're only talking 6 pounds. You can power Radium49 from the USB bus or batteries so that you can play, compose, record, and mix with ultimate mobility.Perfect for applications such as realtime soft synth control, virtual mixing, drum programming, live performance, and more. The keyboard even doubles as an intuitive user interface, making control assignments a breeze.Lends itself to a wide variety of applications that help blur the difference between stage and studio.Leave the tedium of the mouse behind and put your hands on any 16 MIDI parameters on your soft synths in real time. Unleash the full potential of your musical tools and push your creativity to the limit. Great for live performance and easy to transport. Play grooves into your drum software in real time. Then use the 8 knobs and 8 sliders to manipulate the dynamics, feel, effects, and more. Use the 8 sliders to control your virtual faders for recording. Radium's knobs can also control pan, effects send amount, and much more. The keys have a second layer of functions, allowing you to program MIDI control information directly from the black and whites. Here's how it works:1. Press the MIDI/select button2. Press the note on the keyboard with label that corresponds to the parameter you wish to change3. Use the data... ... Pearl Ian Paice Signature Snare Drum 14X6.5 Inches 6.5 x 14 chromeplated SensiTone shell with stainless steel tension rods and SuperHoop II rims. Stop-Locks on the tension rods assure precise, accurate tuning. Employs an internal muffler to attain its contemporary sound. ... Tribute by G&L Legacy Premium Amber Maple Fretboard Tribute guitars are made to G&L design specs and incorporate real US-made pickups to get authentic G&L sound. The Legacy Premium features a swamp ash body, 3 G&L vintage-style Alnico V single coil pickups, a hard rock-maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard, 18:1 sealed-back tuners, G&L-designed Dual-Fulcrum vibrato, 5-way selector switch, volume, versatile passive treble/bass system. Includes deluxe gig bag. ... Bob Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece T40M Bob Reeves has been crafting quality mouthpieces since 1968 and offers a selection of trumpet mouthpieces to please any player. Please see the PDF link below for additional information on each model. ... MVP Guitar Basics Volume 1 (Book/DVD) DVD and book cover fundamentals, holding postion, tuning, accompaniment styles, strumming chords, alternate bass, fingerpicking, playing single-note melodies, reading music for guitar, notes on 6 strings in first position, rhythms, sharps, and flats. ... Waltons English Penny Whistle Value Pack Includes a D whistle; fully-diagrammed playing instructions; and a selection of English and international favorites, including London Bridge, Scarborough Fair, Daisy Daisy, and Oranges and Lemons. ... Kidsplay 13-Note Chromatic Handbells This C-c, 13-note chromatic handbell set consists of the 8-note diatonic set and the chromatic add-on set. ... Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar Play-Along Volume 2 (Book/CD) Learn to play your favorite songs quickly and easily. Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The melody and lyrics are also included. 8 songs. 48 pages. ...

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