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Musician's Friend Online Music Gear Store: Musical Instruments, Recording Gear, Lighting Gear and more

Musician's Friend Online Music Gear Store: Musical Instruments, Recording Gear, Lighting Gear and more - Waltons Rainbow Tin Whistle Blue Choose from a range of fun colors. Includes fully diagrammed instruction leaflet. ... Musician's Friend Bass Crossing T-Shirt Black Extra Extra Large 100% cotton, black. U.S. made. ... Behringer T1951 Tube Ultra-Q The Behringer T1951 Tube Ultra-Q yields absolute control over audio signals, adding liveliness and presence to your music. Its 4 bands have an adjustable width from 0.03 to 2 octaves allowing easy attenuation of problem frequencies as well as creative sound design. Each Ultra Tube circuit features a 12AX7A to lend added warmth to the signal. The lo- and hi-frequency bands can also be used as shelving filters, allowing you to eliminate low-frequency disturbances and high-frequency noise. The Q principal filters ensure that level, frequency, and bandwidth settings do not affect each other, and its parallel filter architecture minimizes phase-shifting problems. ... Fender 69 Strat Closet Classic Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard The '69 Strat represents a pivotal time for both music and Fender guitars. Its large headstock and round-lam fingerboard took us from Woodstock into a new era. Other features include an alder body, U-shaped maple neck, rosewood or maple fingerboard, white/black/white pickguard and original spec pickups. Hardshell Fender case included. The Closet Classic treatment brilliantly emulates an instrument that's been stored away for decades. ... Musician's Friend Braided Instrument Cable 1/4 Green 10 Foot These quality cables are designed to withstand the perils of the gigging musician. Nylon braiding protects the cable against cuts and breaks caused by kinking, things falling on it, or things rolling over it. Available in different colors and a variety of lengths so you can outfit your whole rig and easily identify which cables go where. ... Giardinelli 500LQ Straight Trumpet Lyre Attaches quickly, allows music to be at an ideal distance from the eyes while playing. ... DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton Pickup Black/White The DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton Pickup is the neck pickup that breaks all the rules. It's fat and warm, yet not muddy. It's hot, but not distorted. It's even got cool harmonics. The patent-applied-for magnetic structure reduces string-pull, so sustain is improved, and pick attack and dynamics are tremendously controllable and expressive. Combine the Air Norton pickup with a DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge position for a perfect blend of power and tone. DP193 pickups are recommended for solidbody and semi-hollowbody guitars. When the Air Norton is in the neck position, it's a warm, open-sounding pickup with enough power to balance with all bridge humbuckers. Try the DiMarzio DP193 with 500K pots for maximum treble and harmonic presence. In the bridge position, the sound is medium output with solid lows and biting harmonics. You can try it here with 250K controls, or a 500K volume and 250K tone to fatten the highs up a little. The Air Norton combines well with an Air Classic in the neck, and also with Cruiser, Chopper and Blue Velvet single coil pickups. ... Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica B Commonly used tunings. Well-suited for blues, rock, country, folk, and jazz. They're more airtight, easier to bend, and better sounding than many harps. ... Taylor Embossed Stonewash Mens Denim Jacket Small Stylish detailing and sturdy construction add a new dimension to the traditional denim jacket. Soft, pre-washed denim enhances the comfortable fit, while the Taylor logo gets a permanently embossed, textured look on the back, with script lettering on left chest. ...

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