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Music Gear Warehouse: Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass • Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar …

Music Gear Warehouse: Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass • Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar … - String Letter Swing Guitar Essentials (Book/CD) This comprehensive book/CD pack includes 5 full songs (including Minor Swing and Avalon) and 10 in-depth lessons for players of all levels, taught and recorded (slowly and up to tempo) by the master teachers at Acoustic Guitar magazine. It introduces guitarists to swing's essential styles and pioneering players - from Eddie Lang to Count Basie's rhythm master Freddie Green to Hot Club virtuoso Django Reinhardt, and covers topics such as jazz chord basics, movable chord forms, swing soloing, and more. Instructors include Dix Bruce, Hal Glatzer, David Hamburger, John Jorgenson, John Lehmann-Haupt, Tony Marcus, Scott Nygaard and Michael Simmons. ... DR Strings Lo-Riders 4-String Bass Strings Medium Gauges 45-65-85-105.Lo-Rider stainless steel bass strings are roundwound and constructed on a hexagonal core. They provide more depth of tone and are a bit stiffer than Hi-Beams. Bass players who are into slapping, popping, and tapping will love the high end and depth of Lo-Riders. The slight bit of stiffness makes these strings very accurate when playing harmonics. Great consistency and great string-to-string balance are DR hallmarks. Fits scale lengths up to 37-3/4. ... Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar Chrome Silver Maple Fretboard The Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar is instantly comfortable with irresistible tone and playability. You won't believe your fingers and ears. The ultimate in high-performance, this premium model has an ultrasmooth neck with hand-rolled edges to make it play fast, smooth, and sweet. Already loaded with all the impressive Deluxe series appointments, this Strat takes it to another level with a hot humbucker at the bridge, an LSR roller nut, and S-1 switching for even more versatility, extra punch, and sustain to spare. SCN (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless) pickups (2 single-coils) dish out vintage Strat sounds without the hum, and the contoured alder body fits like a glove.Other features include polished chrome hardware, locking machine heads, American Deluxe tremolo with polished steel saddles, highly detailed fret and nut work, abalone dot inlays, and aged plastic parts. Includes Fender hardshell case.Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickupsIt's no secret that pickup designers have been striving to develop the ultimate noise-free single-coil replacement pickup. In pursuit of both as little 60-cycle hum and extraneous noise as possible and the classic bell-like tones and fidelity of the original Fender designs, Fender has poured their energy into discovering a new world pickup for the ages. With open minds and a willingness to seemingly question everything, Fender partnered with legendary pickup... ... Musician's Friend Leather Concert Piano Bench Black Black leather adjustable seat from 19-23 in height on a high gloss piano black finish base. Seat is 16 by 23. ... Remo Controlled Sound Batter Head 12 Inches Introduced in 1968, CONTROLLED SOUND heads are single-ply Ambassador-weight heads with a 5 mil thick black or clear dot in the center of the head. This combination offers a controlled, centered sound without undesirable overtones. These dual-zone heads have a combination of medium and heavy-duty drumhead characteristics. The outer area of the head's playing surface offers a midrange tone and sensitivity while the laminated center dot eliminates high frequency overtones and adds durability and tonal focus to meet the demands of heavier hitters. ... Nady Metal Pop Filter Black Metal mesh filter reduces plosives. ... Gallien-Krueger 115BLX-II Bass Cabinet The Gallien-Krueger 115BLX-II Bass Cabinet has a 15 woofer that delivers solid bottom end tone that the crowd will surely feel. 200W handling. Rear-ported design. 1/4 input. Removable casters. 1-year warranty on speaker. 2-year warranty on electronics. ... Paiste 2002 Splash Cymbal 12' A very thin, warm splash, somewhat soft in nature. Sound spectrum opens nicely, even with a light stroke. Washy and lively with short sustain.Made with CuSn8 bronze for a bright, warm, and energetic tone. Great for live and studio gigs requiring high energy and the utmost in precision and musicality. Heavier models have been added to round out the original classic series by providing increased volume. ... Sonor MW1 Meisterworks Orff Instrument Set Set includes one each Soprano Glockenspiel, Tenor-Alto Glockenspiel, Soprano Metallophone, Tenor-Alto Metallophone, Deep Bass Metallophone, Soprano Xylophone, Tenor-Alto Xylophone, and Deep Bass Xylophone. All instruments are crafted with great attention to detail and tuned to perfection. ...

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