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Musician's Friend: Guitar, Bass, Key/MIDI, Drums/Percussion, DJ Gear/Lighting, Recording, HiFi Equipment, Music Books/Videos

Musician's Friend: Not only is Musician's Friend the most successful online music gear retailer in the world, Musician's Friend also has a huge range of other products on offer too...Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, DJ Gear/ Lighting, Recording, Live Sound, Hi-Fi/ AV Equip, Books/ Videos, Sheet Music, Strings and more ... Check out Musician's Friend low prices today, and start saving!

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Fender Rock and Roll Angel Women's T-Shirt Black Small An angel holds a Fender Stratocaster in her arms as she spreads her wings just below the scooped neck of this cute Fender T. 100% cotton. ... Sennheiser freePORT Wireless Presentation Set The Sennheiser freePORT Wireless Presentation Set is a simple yet high-quality UHF wireless system featuring 4 switchable frequencies, making it ideal for groups. Equipped with a roadworthy housing; a dynamic processor that produces a bright, natural sound; diversity technology for reliable reception; front-mounted antennas; and both 1/4 and balanced XLR outputs. The freePORT includes receiver and lavaliere transmitter. ... Yamaha ST5 Silent Brass Performance Studio Yamaha's innovative ST5 Silent Brass Performance Studio device offers unprecedented tonal variety and expression for all brass instruments. Using powerful digital audio processors you can twist, edit, and shape your tone for unlimited creativity whether in silent practice, the recording studio, or onstage performance. The ST5 Performance Studio includes AC adapter, 1/4-mini jack adapter, ear buds, and soft carrying case.Tuner - Transposable tuner (Bb, Eb, C, and F instruments) with settings from A=438 to A=445.Effects - The ST5 features 50 preset programs and 50 user programs. User programs can be customized (meaning that the user can layer up to 6 settings at one time for one effect, and then rename and renumber the effect at will). Effects include chorus, delay, distortion, overdrive, flanger, wah, pitch shifter, phaser, and many more.Metronome - Metronome functions include standard time signatures with standard subdivisions (quarter, triplet, eighth, and sixteenth note) as well as syncopated rhythms, odd meters, and drum tracks (including 8th and 16th shuffles, blues, jazz, funk, bossa, samba, etc.).Phrase Trainer - User can record up to a 16-second sample from either the input jack (using the Silent Brass Mute or an instrument mic) or the Aux In jack. After recording, playback begins automatically. Playback speed can be slowed down without altering pitch.Other Functions - The Silent Brass Performance... ... Rico Royal Tenor Sax Reeds 2.5 10-pack Designed for a wide variety of playing situations, Rico Royal is a high-quality reed for serious saxophone and clarinet players, yet is priced affordably to meet the needs of both professionals and students. French filed for freedom of response, especially in the low register, adding clarity to the tone, and making soft attacks easier. They are ideal for the advancing player. ... Rane XP 2016a Expander Save BIG when you buy today! ... Bonade L2254 Alto Sax Ligature Model 2254. ... Shure PGX14 Wireless Guitar/Bass System Channel L5 The Shure PGX14 Wireless Guitar/Bass System delivers unmatched performance and ease of use to anyone making the move to wireless. The PGX4 receiver has Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup to get you up and running, hassle-free. Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding delivers crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless. The Shure PGX14 Wireless system includes the PGX4 receiver, PGX1 transmitter, and cable. ... Radial JDI MK3 Passive Direct Box The Radial JDI MK3 Passive Direct Box is a Jensen transformer equipped, high-quality passive direct box that has the advantage of providing complete isolation for reduced noise. The exceptionally low phase distortion, almost perfect linear response, and low harmonic distortion make the JDI direct box a superb choice for recording or live performance. The rugged construction allows it to be used in abusive environments without concern. The Radial JDI Mk3 is ideal for acoustic guitars, bass, and keyboards.Considered by many to be one of the finest passive-operation direct boxes available, this Radial DI employs a Jensen isolation transformer for optimum audio performance. 60-cycle ground loop elimination and adept handling of high-output, active instruments and keyboards make the Radial JDI discrete and versatile. Steel I-beam construction, baked enamel finish, and protected faceplate mean Radial JDI is built to survive.The Radial JDI passive direct box employs the Jensen JT-DBE transformer as its main drive engine. The Jensen DBE transformer employs a laminated nickel core with low-permeability and no magnetic memory, therefore eliminating phase distortion caused by the disruption of fundamentals and harmonics.The distinctive book-end design protects the switches against damage from abuse by providing a protective zone on both I/O panels. A baked enamel finish resists scratching while a no-slip rubberized... ... Ibanez SAS36FMTG Electric Guitar Transparent Grey Wiith this beauty, Ibanez takes the SA to a higher level with a 5-piece set neck and a flame maple top to cap its mahogany body. The SAS36FMTG also comes equipped with a Sat Pro bridge and the True-Duo Bucker pickup system that gives you switchable true single-coil or humbuckking tone. Its 25-1/2 scale neck offers a narrow feel and tight tension similar to an RG. ...

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